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5 Spiked Milkshake Recipes We Love

5 Spiked Milkshake Recipes We Love

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Need another excuse to add a kick to your milkshakes? You'll love these recipes

Some of my favorite childhood memories are food- and drink-related, which I suppose explains a lot about how I ended up in this industry. Summers spent by the beach eating freshly caught Maryland blue crabs and sipping on sweet tea, weekends visiting family in Boston and eating my favorite lobster rolls and fried clams, the list continues. One of my favorite childhood beverages, however, was and still is the milkshake. The milkshake is like a godsend in the form of ice cream, milk, and whatever the heck else you want to throw in there. Craving ice cream in a cone but not too keen on having that ice cream drip all over your hands while you devour it? No worries, just combine ice cream and crushed up waffle cone in a blender with ice and milk, and voilà; a dream come true without the mess.

While a standard milkshake of chocolate or vanilla (or any flavor, really) ice cream, milk, ice, and a touch of vanilla extract are just splendid, I am always a fan of adding booze to virtually anything. It’s no surprise that the milkshake is a perfect canvas for doing just that. Having a barbecue and want to treat your guests to childhood-turned-adult desserts? A spiked milkshake is perfect for this. It takes half the time to prepare compared to a cake or pie, but is still just as satisfying as a traditional dessert. A rum raisin ice cream shake with the addition of a sweet and syrupy dark rum? Today’s the day!

Read on for some fantastic hard milkshake recipes, sure to inspire you to kick up your favorite sweet childhood beverage.

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— Sara Kay, The

Baileys Milkshake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This Baileys milkshake is the perfect adult treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m sharing one more Irish-themed dessert with this Baileys milkshake. We’ve had a crazy heat wave in San Diego these past few days, with temperatures reaching the 90’s. This milkshake really hit the spot.

Did you know Baileys is spelled without an apostrophe? It’s something I learned only last summer but keep forgetting. It just seems so weird without it, especially with the R.A. Bailey’s signature on the bottles (which is a completely fictional name!). Well if you didn’t already know those two tidbits hopefully you learned something new by reading this today.

Something else I learned recently. When you go wine tasting, you end up buying way too much wine.

This past weekend, I had a reunion with my group of close high school friends. It was so fun to be in the same place again, and be able to hang out for more than just a meal. We rented a house near Paso Robles, cooked food, celebrated Pi Day with a lot of pies, and went wine tasting.

The weekend went by far too fast and I’m missing them already.

Mr. K and I also ended up bringing home 7 bottles of wine! And considering the fact that we have never been able to finish a bottle of wine by ourselves, I really don’t know what we’re going to do with so many. In my defense, the wineries kept offering really good deals. For instance, I wanted to buy one bottle of a cabernet sauvignon and it cost $25. But if I bought 3, it was only $45. So of course I had to buy three right?

I guess we’ll have to have a lot of house parties to drink up all the wine. And maybe have these Baileys milkshakes to for dessert.

This milkshake is very simple: ice cream, Baileys, milk, and some chocolate syrup and whipped cream for garnish. Enjoy!

5 Recent Recipes We Loved

I couldn’t make this recipe fast enough when I saw it pop up on Pinch of Yum’s website. Everything about it appealed to me from the creamy avocado Caesar dressing to the crispy sweet potato fries. The dressing was rich in taste but still quite light and tangy and easy enough to make even without the use of a food processor, assuming the avocado you used to make it wasn’t too firm. (I just did some seriously vigorous stirring to make the dressing and it worked well, but then again I will do just about anything to avoid cleaning my food processor.) I topped Ryan’s salad with leftover chicken thighs for more staying power but thought the recipe was fantastic meat-free for me!

You must make this recipe simply for the vegan artichoke cream sauce alone! It absolutely blew me away and somehow the simple combination of marinated artichoke hearts and soaked raw cashews resulted in the creamiest, most addicting artichoke dip-like sauce that tasted fantastic both with the spaghetti squash AND as a dip for fresh veggies. (Yep, I made the sauce part of this recipe on its own because it was SO tasty and the perfect vehicle for cucumber, carrots and red pepper slices.) Ryan loved this recipe as well and we both found it quite satisfying. (The only change I made to this dish was adding my own roasted Brussels sprouts simply because we had some leftover and I didn’t want them to go bad.) Also, I feel like I should apologize to Alexis (the blogger behind Hummusapien) for the horrendous photography of her recipe which, admittedly, isn’t the prettiest dish to photograph! I tried to help it out with a pop of green from a parsley garnish but sometimes the ugliest foods are the tastiest, right!?

I’ve made a few Egg Roll In a Bowl recipes after stumbling across them on Pinterest but it wasn’t until a friend recommended this one to me that I felt like I finally found a winner. The best part? This recipe is SO simple and tasted fantastic as leftovers the next day as well… if you double the recipe. The recipe says it serves four, but had I not doubled the recipe, it would’ve only served me and Ryan for one meal, though I will admit that one pound of any kind of meat doesn’t go very far in our house with two hearty appetites. When I make it again, I’m planning to prepare a batch of brown rice along with it for more volume!

I’ve had this Thai Coconut Chicken Soup on my radar for nearly two years since Anne first shared it on her blog! Why did it take me so long to make this delicious dish!? I cannot get enough of anything Thai and coconut lately, so this recipe had to happen. I prepared a big batch of the soup a couple of weeks ago and then made it again on Sunday evening. I LOVE that this recipe is packed with vegetables and comes together quickly. It’s also a great vehicle for leftover chicken, so keep it in mind if you have a rotisserie chicken on hand or some leftover chicken breasts you want to use up. Tip: Use full-fat coconut milk. I’ve used both light and full-fat coconut milk in this recipe and definitely prefer the creamier consistency and more developed flavor of the full-fat coconut milk.

This recipe is so ridiculously fantastic and easily adaptable! Ryan and I both loved it so much that I’ve made it four times in three weeks. YUM. While the name Queso Chicken Chili doesn’t sound like the healthiest recipe on the planet, it’s surprisingly not heavy at all thanks to a small amount of cream cheese that somehow give the entire chili a creamy, cheesy flavor that kept both of us refilling our bowls over and over again. I’ve also played around with this recipe a lot, even adding shaved Brussels sprouts and cooked spaghetti squash to it at the end and omitting the corn and peppers to simplify everything and it turns out great every time.

What the Frappe? THIS is a Real Milkshake

I'm here to tell you something. You know what a milkshake is, right? Ice cream, a splash of milk, perhaps some flavored syrup or malt (if you want to get extra special), all blended together with a powerful whirring disk until smooth, creamy, and thick enough that you pop a blood vessel trying to suck it up through a straw.

That's what you think a milkshake is, but you're wrong. As any true New Englander can tell you, what you got there ain't a milkshake. It's a frappe,* plain and simple.

*and that's pronounced "frap," not "fra-pay" like those silly European drinks of powdered coffee and foamed iced milk or those chain coffee shop atrocities made with dark roasts and pure calories.

Ask for a milkshake in New England, and what you'll get is a frothy, shaken mixture of milk and syrup. Milk. Shake. You take milk, you add some flavored syrup (chocolate or vanilla are classic), and you shhhhhhhaaaakkke it. Get it? I mean, just think about it. It's called a milkshake, not an "ice cream and milk blend" or an "ice cream just thin enough to fool you into thinking you can drink it with a straw but just thick enough that you actually can't," right?

Actually, truth be told, if you order a milkshake in New England with anything other than the towniest accent, what you'll probably get is a waitress who says to you "you mean a frappe, right?" Because 10 out of 10 times, when that waitress hears a flatlander order a milkshake, what they're really after is a frappe, the proper name for what everyone else in the world calls a milkshake.

I mean, I love a good, thick milkshake with my burger as much as the next guy, unless that next guy happens to be Max, or perhaps Ed, or—who am I kidding?—I'll admit it: most people like milkshakes with their burgers more than I do. In fact, I outright don't get it. A cheeseburger is rich, heavy, filling fare. You don't want to wash down heavy with heavy. I have a hard enough time swallowing a milkshake on its own. What business does it have washing down my burger?

A milkshake—the kind made just with milk and syrup—, on the other hand, is thin. A milkshake is frothy. A milkshake is sweet and refreshing, it gets sucked straight up by your straw and is wicked pissah at washing down grinders. It's a far better drink to have with your cheeseburger than a frappe. A frappe is a dessert. It's a meal unto itself. It's something you drink when you're willing to wait out the laws of thermodynamics until it hits that sweet spot of being just thin enough to get up that straw.

Come to think of it, to be completely honest, I can't remember the last time I've seen someone order an actual milkshake, even in New England. You're more likely to get a coke, or if you want to be all old-timey, you'll order a tonic—what folks used to call all sodas in New England. And get this: you won't be ordering that soda at the corner store or the deli or the sandwich shop, you'll be ordering it at the spa, the generic term for a shop that features a soda fountain (I'm talking the old fashioned kind, operated by a soda jerk who'd mix in syrups and flavorings to order).

I'm not sure where the "spa" nomenclature came, but you still see a few of them around, even though the soda fountains are long gone. The story that seems to make the most sense is that "spa" comes from the Eastern Belgian town of Spa, famous for its natural soda springs. You serve soda? You're a spa. Plus, as Village14 points out, to a Puritan New Englander, ordering a tonic at the spa just sounds so much more wholesome than ordering a soda at the deli, doesn't it?

Anyhow, I digress. The real point here is this: If you've never had a real milkshake (and chances are, whether you're from New England or not, you haven't), then I heartily suggest you try one, even the most devout frappe (ok, thick milkshake) lover can learn to love both. They're easy enough to make at home: Combine ice cold milk with either chocolate syrup or a bit of sugar and vanilla, froth it up with stick blender, and serve it in a chilled cup. Preferably while you're wearing your dungarees.

Dates Milkshake Recipe - Khajoor Milkshake - Milkshake Recipe

Dates Milkshake Recipe - Khajoor Milkshake - Milkshake Recipe - If you are in love with drinks then try this special milkshake recipe in your breakfast as it's energy booster drink will keep you healthy and energetic throughout the day. Simple and easy to prepare just in 5 minutes. No sugar and preservatives added.

Dates are highly energetic, healthy and packed with high nutrient values. You may incorporate this in your family diet especially recommended for growing bodies (kids). Contains antioxidants, balance blood sugar, helps to reduce blood pressure, works as a memory booster, maintain boon mass and many other benefits of having dates.

Date milkshake is so common as it doubles the benefit if you blend with milk. Also, increases the filling effect to prevent eating extra food.

As the Ramadan is just around the corner so you can prepare this special recipe for Iftar and suhoor that will keep your filled and energetic throughout the day.

Watch step by step recipe video to follow quick steps.

At Hinz cooking, you will find different types of recipes so if you are looking something other then explore the recipe collection. For your convenience, recipes are with videos to help you to understand the quick procedure.

So let's move to Hinz Kitchen and make this energy-packed dates milkshake.
You can also share this recipe video to your friend and family!

Peanut Butter and Basil Milkshake

Before you shudder, turn away and never return to this blog, know that this recipe is totally worthy of your attention. I told you before that I wasn’t done with the peanut butter and basil combination and for good reason. The two were meant to be together, perhaps more than PB & J. They’re a mind-blowingly delicious combination. Throw ice cream in the mix and you have a cocktail for perfection. This is no lie.

If you thought my PB & Basil Sandwich was a little out there, this may be your sweet gateway drug into peanut butter basil neverland. The flavors meld together so perfectly in this shake that your guests will be left wondering what’s inside. But it’ll be so delicious they won’t care. It can be out little secret. Our delicious little secret.

I made this recipe using regular vanilla ice cream but it could also be made vegan friendly with soy, almond or coconut-based vanilla ice cream and non-dairy milk. And while I used peanut butter powder, the real stuff could be subbed in if you don’t have the powder on hand. Just put your spin on it to make it your own.

5 Healthy Ice Lolly Recipes We Love .

Summer is officially upon us and we’ve even be treated to a few scorching hot days so far which calls for one thing – ice lollies!

There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice lolly in the sun on a hot day but we often don’t realise how these icy treats are actually impacting our healthy eating. Some of our favourite ice lollies are super high in sugar, including some of these classics:

YooMoo Mixed Berry Yoghurt Lolly: 74 calories / 10.9g sugar per lolly

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Lolly: 57 calories / 11.6g sugar per lolly

R Whites Lemonade Lolly: 71 calories / 15.5g sugar per lolly

Del Monte 100% Orange Juice Lolly: 69 calories / 14.6g sugar per lolly

Fab Strawberry Lolly: 75 calories / 10g sugar per lolly

Nobbly Bobbly Lolly: 207 calories / 20.3g sugar per lolly

So, calories may not pose a big problem with ice lollies but sugar certainly does, so we’re going to be sharing with you 5 healthy ice lolly recipes that are lower in sugar, still low in calories and even packed with vitamins!

Raspberry Yogurt Lollies

A creamy and fruity lolly that will cool you down, fill you up and provide one of your 5 a day.

Ingredients – for one lolly:

  1. Pop your raspberries in the bottom of your clean lolly mould .
  2. Spoon your yoghurt on top, mixing the yoghurt with the raspberries inside the mould to ensure they’re covered.
  3. Pop in the freezer until solid.

Strawberry Lemonade Lollies

Pink lemonade is a classic summer drink and now you can enjoy the flavour in a frozen ice lolly.

Ingredients – for one lolly:

  • 5g Strawberries.
  • 150ml No Added Sugar Cloudy Lemonade (or however much you need to fill your mould)
  1. Cut the tops off your strawberries, wash them and cut into small pieces before placing in the bottom of your lolly mould.
  2. Fill your mould with cloudy lemonade and place in the freezer standing up.
  3. Freeze until solid and then enjoy!

Layered Tropical Lollies

Packed full of real fruit and just a little juice to keep the artificial sugar content down and your fruit intake up.

Ingredients – for one lolly:

  • 10g Frozen Pineapple.
  • 10g Frozen Mango.
  • 10g Frozen Watermelon.
  • 100ml Orange Juice.
  1. Add your frozen fruit to your lolly mould in layers.
  2. Add your orange juice, ensuring it covers the insides of the lolly mould.
  3. Place in the freezer until solid.

Strawberry Milkshake Lollies

Something refreshing and fruity to keep you cool at the hottest time of day, packed with calcium and vitamins.

Ingredients – for one lolly:

  1. Put your chopped strawberries, natural yogurt and honey into a blender and blitz.
  2. Pour into your mould and freeze until solid.

DIY Rainbow Fruit Lolly

Inspired by the classic fruit pastilles, create your own, lower sugar version with this recipe.


  • Blackcurrant Cordial
  • Summer Fruits Cordial
  • Orange Cordial
  • Lime Cordial

*use 5ml of each cordial with 50ml of water

These lollies have very few calories and under 0.5g of sugar.

  1. Make up your 25ml of blackcurrant cordial and pour into your lolly mould. Put this into the freezer until solid.
  2. Remove your mould and add your summer fruits cordial on top of the frozen blackcurrant layer. Return to the freezer to freeze this layer.
  3. Repeat with the orange and lime layers until completely frozen.

You can mix the order up to create a different pattern if you wish.

So, there are 5 lolly recipes packed with vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring sugars for you to enjoy on your diet when the weather is nice.

Don’t forget, your homemade lollies may sometimes be higher in sugar but only because of the fruits used whereas shop bought lollies can be lower in sugar but contain artificial sugars, meaning your homemade lollies are still better for you.

21 Killer Milkshakes That Will Rock Your World

For these easy milkshake recipes, we recreated some of our favorite desserts (umm. banana cream pie?) &mdash and turned to heavenly ingredient combos like peanut butter and brownie.

Heaven in a glass for anyone who can't get enough of salty-and-sweet anything: Spoon caramel sauce along the insides of the glass, then pour in milkshake mixture and garnish with (duh) a pretzel.

If you're feeling boozy, this fresh cherry dessert is begging to be spiked with some bourbon.

Melt some white chocolate, blend it with mint chocolate chip ice cream, don't share even one sip.

Because we can never have too many s'mores-flavored treats in our life: Blend vanilla ice cream with marshmallows and graham crackers, then pour into a chocolate syrup-swirled glass. Top with toasted marshmallows (blast them under the broiler for 3 minutes), a graham cracker, and a piece of chocolate.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

What you’ll need…

  • 2 Cups of vanilla ice cream
  • 2 or 2.5 Cups of 2% milk
  • 1/8 teaspoon of mint or peppermint extract (we prefer peppermint)
  • About 10 to 12 drops of green food coloring
  • Whipped cream and cherry for garnish

How to make it…

  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth.
  2. You may need to help your blender and stir around the contents with a spoon.
  3. Pour into 12-ounce cups and serve with a straw.
  4. Top with whipped cream and a cherry. Enjoy!

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10 New Secret Restaurant Copycat Recipes from America’s Favorite Restaurants

Oreo milkshake recipe | oreo shake recipe | oreo smoothie recipe

oreo milkshake recipe | oreo shake recipe | oreo smoothie recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a simple milk shake recipe prepared with chilled milk, oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream slab. oreo shake can easily be served to kids as well as to adults as dessert.
oreo milkshake recipe | oreo shake recipe | oreo smoothie recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the popular milkshake recipe evolved during recent years. it is rich and creamy milkshake prepared with signature oreo cookies with oreo cream. certainly oreo smoothie recipe is for sweet stuff lovers as it contains a punch of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

i have a strong connection to milk shake recipes, especially chocolate milk shake recipes. however, oreo shake recipe is my new addiction, thanks to my husband as i inherited this from him. while i was at college, i use to drink this smoothie, but never thought it was so simple until my husband served this to me. the key reason i started to love this recipe is because, it does not require any additional sugar while blending. of course, the vanilla ice cream and even the cookies would contain sufficient amount of sugar. but still i feel this shake contains less calories compared to others.

furthermore some variations to conventional oreo milkshake recipe. firstly, while blending oreo cookies with milk and vanilla ice cream, add one chopped banana to make it oreo banana milk shake recipe. in addition, add some chocolate liquid syrup or even coffee powder to get the chocolate flavoured oreo shake recipe. optionally, swap the ice cream with thick yogurt to make it yogurt flavoured oreo yogurt smoothie recipe. lastly, you can also add ice cubes while blending to make a thick milk shake recipe.

finally i would like to highlight some of my beverages recipes collection from my website. particularly, sweet lassi, falooda, mango mastani, jaljeera, masala milk, mango rasayana recipe. in addition do check my other recipes collection like,