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Beaten beans

Beaten beans

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Wash the beans in the evening and leave them in the water until the next day. The next day, drain the water and put more water to cover it, the bay leaves and put it on the fire to boil. Fill with water as often as needed. When it is almost cooked, add salt, a cleaned onion, washed and cut into 4, cleaned and washed garlic. Leave it to boil until there is only a little water left. When it is cooked, remove from the heat, remove the bay leaves and mix with the vertical robot. Season with salt and pepper and place in pots to cool.

Separately clean the remaining 5 onions, wash and cut scales, fry in oil, thin the broth in a cup of water and add over the onion, add salt, pepper to taste and sugar. Bring to the boil until reduced. This onion sauce is placed over the chopped beaten beans.


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