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Milk with Gray - Philips Multicooker

Milk with Gray - Philips Multicooker

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By far, my favorite recipe: P Why? Because I no longer take care of the milk that I always have to put on the fire!

  • 500 ml of milk
  • 50 g gray
  • a cinnamon powder
  • a teaspoon of sugar

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Milk with Gray - Philips Multicooker:

Pour the milk into the appliance bowl, add the sugar and choose from the MENU the STEW function that we will set at 20 minutes. 5 minutes before the time runs out, add the semolina, stirring constantly so that no lumps form. Serve with cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.

Good appetite!

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Be careful when opening the lid. The steam is very hot.


If you are preparing semolina milk for children, replace sugar with natural syrup!

& # 8222 Menu of the Week with Philips Multicooker & # 8221

I poured the composition into the Multicooker bowl, I inserted the bowl into the machine, I pressed the “Menu” button, selecting the “Bake” function. I set the baking time to 45 minutes and the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius. I closed the lid of the machine and let it take care of my cake, while I took care of other things. When it was ready, Multicooker let me know. I pressed the "Stop" button, took out the cake, which was perfectly baked, properly grown and smelled fantastic.

I took out the cake on a plate and, while waiting for it to cool, I prepared the cream: I mixed the butter and sugar at maximum speed for 3 minutes, then I added the cream and I mixed for another minute. I spread the cream over the cooled cake and it was ready to serve.


Nine predefined programs for the correct preparation of the tastiest recipes, the possibility to program the start of the cooking process and the function of keeping food warm - are just some of the strengths of this product. It has a large enough capacity to be used in families of 3-4 people, and the inner bowl is thicker than in other models, for uniform heating.

The power of only 600W, at a capacity of 5 liters, makes this product require more time to complete cooking and be less recommended for intensive use.

Multicooker for occasional use in the family, also available at an attractive price for buyers.

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  • 4 eggs
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 120 ml oil
  • 200 gr yogurt
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 250 gr flour

Method of preparation:

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This Multi Cooker is equipped with advanced features to make your life easier. The integrated computer controls the cooking time and pressure, so & icircnc & acirct no human presence is required and you have more time for other activities. It has several safety systems and anti-heating devices for easy and safe service.

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The best feature is the adjustable timer with the function of keeping warm and the function of warming. With the cooking function you can prepare the ingredients 24 hours in advance and make sure they are cooked and warm when you get home. The hot cooking function can be set up to 2 hours if you want to continue serving.

Advantages of Multi Cooker PRO

Multi Cooker prepares food quickly, with less water and saves energy while conserving more vitamins and minerals for healthier meals. The lid has a safety locking system to prevent opening and steam burns plus 9 other safety systems that prevent overheating, power failure, accidental starting and more. With these 15 automatic preset functions you can:

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Additional features Capacity: 5.5L Power: 1000W
Info. further - Large aluminum pot with a capacity of 5.5L for the whole family

- 15 automatic preset functions for fast and efficient cooking of food

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- Pressure cooking also preserves vitamins and minerals, so the food is more nutritious and healthy

- Safe to use: our multicooker has several safety systems integrated, even a patented safety device and if the lid is not properly secured, the buttons will not work

- Integrated computer functions control cooking time and pressure, so no human presence is required - more time spent in other activities

- Up to 24-hour scheduling function - prepare food in the multicooker the day before and set it to start when you want, so you will find your food ready-made when you get home


The scene of the Revolution of December 1989 was only one of those in which the agents of foreign powers evolved, trying and sometimes succeeding in influencing epochal events in our history, in which people with double or multiple command, representing the interests of neighboring empires & # 8211 especially Russia & # 8211 have come very close or even to the top of the domestic political pyramid.
From the mission of the double agent (Ottoman and Tsarist) Manuc Bey in Romania, ended with the abduction of Bessarabia in 1812, to the events of December 1989, the agents of the Russian Empire (from Ohrana but not only!) And then of the Soviet Union (NKVD, GRU , KGB, etc.) - all used Romania as a training ground and, equally, for strategic operations.
The 1920 bombing of the Senate was a first attempt by the newly installed Soviet power to influence Romanian political life. The violent action of the strange bomb provocateurs probably did not pursue, apart from the temporary destabilization of the socio-political climate of reunited Romania (and which had recovered the stolen Bessarabia in 1812!), Any purpose other than to test the reaction of the Bucharest authorities to such a situation.
The attack on the Romanian Senate in 1920 was carried out on December 8, 1920, by the installation and detonation of an artisanal bomb by a far-left terrorist group. On December 8, 1920, Max Goldstein, Saul Osias and Leon Lichtblau, launched a terrorist attack with a homemade bomb placed in the hall of the Romanian Senate. Goldstein was the head of an anarchist-terrorist group led by Abraham Grinstein, the head of the Odessa-based terrorism service.
The blast killed the Minister of Justice, Dimitrie Greceanu, who died at the hospital, and senators Demetriu Radu (Greek Catholic bishop of Oradea Mare, killed on the spot) and Spirea Gheorghiu (died at the hospital). As a result of the attack, the president of the Senate, General Constantin Coandă (the father of the inventor Henri Coandă), the Orthodox bishop Nifon and the Orthodox bishop Roman Ciorogariu were also injured.
The attack led to the condemnation of the communists in the Dealul Spirii Trial and to the banning of the Communist Party.

Many other original stories in Dan-Silviu Boerescu's book
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Operation "Autonomous"

On the night of December 22-23, 1943, Royal Air Force (RAF) Special Operations Executive (SOE) Force 13340 sent a military plane to Romania parachuting three intelligence officers near Alexandria, Plosca village. This is how Operation Autonomous began. Lieutenant-Colonel Gardyne de Chastelain (Alfred George Gardyne de Chastelain - secret code DIH 1342) was the head of the mission and had been for 13 years (1927-1941) the director of the oil company 1Unirea ”and the head of the lntelligence Service residence for Romania. A legendary British intelligence figure, de Chastelain married in Bucharest Marion Elizabeth Walsh, who was working for Standard Oil of New Jersey at the time, herself an agent for the future MI6 service.
De Chastelain's British companion on the '43 -'44 mission was Captain Ivor Porter. The officer had already been in Romania for a year, with the position of assistant at the University of Bucharest, where he taught the course of English language and literature, and then, after August 23, 1944, to become the attaché of the English Legation until February 1945. -the third member of the group, the Roman captain Silviu Meţianu, participated in the First World War, then emigrated to England. Until August 23, 1944, the three were "luxury prisoners" in the service apartment of the head of the Romanian Gendarmerie, General Constantin Z. "Piki" Vasiliu, from the headquarters of the institution on Stefan cel Mare, and mediated the negotiations of the Romanian Government with the Sea Britain, on one of the lines used.
The three enjoyed notoriety and even a certain celebrity in Romania, even before they were parachuted, if we consider the simple fact that they wanted to recruit Maria Tănase as a secret agent of the Intelligence Service.

Ex-Mossad spies in the DNA chief's harassment case
DIICOT announced on April 6, 2016, in a statement, that the Israelis Ron Weiner and David Geclowicz were detained on April 3, and they were arrested on the same day for 30 days, following a decision of the Bucharest Tribunal. That's how the Black Cube scandal began.
"In this case, there is a reasonable suspicion that, during March 2016, two people holding management positions in an Israeli company, with offices both in Tel Aviv / Israel and in London / UK, together with several employees of the company, including the two defendants, Weiner Ron and Geclowicz David, initiated and formed a criminal group organized for the purpose of committing several crimes, namely harassment and computer crimes, consisting in fact in making multiple phone calls threatening and harassing, fearful as well as phishing attacks, in order to steal access credentials and subsequently compromise e-mail accounts, activities followed by breach of secrecy of correspondence, copying and illegal transfer of their content & # 8221, it was shown in the DIICOT communiqué.
Israeli citizens were being investigated by DIICOT for spying on communications and attempting to compromise DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruţa Kovesi in what they called Operation Tornado. Two of the suspects, Dan Zorella and Avi Yanus, are former intelligence officers and co-founders and CEOs of the Israeli private investigation firm Black Cube, a company that operated Meir Dagan - former director of Mossad (Israeli espionage) from 2002-2011. .

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