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MMF roses

MMF roses

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Roselline recipe in MMF's of 22-12-2009 [Updated on 16-07-2018]

Hello everyone, in these days before Christmas I am super messed up also because on the eve I have my parents and my in-laws at home and I let you imagine how I feel ... happy to have everyone at my house but a little stressed because we are in 10 and I am not used to cooking for all these people, if you add the fact that when I have guests not everything is perfect because I am anxious ... well, you will understand what a mess I am in: D
That said .. unfortunately these days I have not had much time neither to experiment with new recipes nor to respond to your comments; this afternoon I will try to respond to your comments and post the last cake I made, the Nutella Margherita Cake: P ma for now here is the procedure to form a rose in MMF with these I decorated the cake and even if the procedure is very easy, I place it so that there are no doubts;)


How to do Roselline in MMF

Procedure for preparing the roses in MMF

Form the dough into a ball

Work the ball into a small cylinder of dough

Now flatten the cylinder by pressing it with your finger

Begin to roll it up on itself until it forms a little rose

Chocolate roses


They are beautiful and perfect so, if I am not mistaken, are they handmade without stencils?

This comment has been deleted by the author.

They are made with the sac a poche, the key role is played by the nozzle. among other things, this one I used (1B by Wilton) is not really the most suitable.

This comment has been deleted by the author.

Hi Antonella,
congratulations are a & quotspettacolo & quot very good!
Kisses from Anto.

today I tried to make them Antonella but once removed from the fridge, the dough in the pastry bag was very hard :( I only managed to make a little rose because I let it soften a little .. can you explain what I did wrong?

The dough needs the refrigerator, otherwise if the dough is tender, when they cook all the marks left by the sac a pochè disappear: I have already done the test and some very common biscuits came out with some not well defined signs. Then actually it is a bit hard, so as soon as I take it out of the fridge I break it and work it a little with the spatula and after putting it in the sac a poche the & quotmassage a little softening it. I repeat ... he needs the refrigerator.

Roses in MMF - Recipes

Good afternoon everybody!
Reading the date of my last post I realize that it is almost a month that I have not updated the blog .. a little sorry, but I also know that the period is not the best for me and inevitably also the desire to go here to write is missing :(
However, I have some things to show you and recipes to leave you so I hope to be able to do it as soon as possible.

While I'm here writing, it's thundering outside and loud as well. but I'm not complaining because I like this summer a bit crazy, with beautiful days in the morning and gray skies and rain in the afternoon.
Today I pass here not for a recipe but to post photos of the last cake made this week :). Its realization, together with all the decorations, allowed me to distract myself a little from various thoughts. and then I was asked for the birthday of a person who in recent months has believed a lot in me and in my abilities with sugar paste ... so I particularly wanted it to look good, and to thank her I thought of creating for her this little basket full of roses.

The basket is entirely in sugar paste, woven by hand. I first made the base, upside down, using a glass cup as a base on which I intertwined the various cords of sugar paste. I let it dry overnight and then the next day I removed it from the glass and finished decorating with all the roses. The handle has an aluminum paper core inside to ensure that it remains so beautifully curved and standing)
I really liked the result.

And here are the other photos of the whole cake and other details:

The cake is filled with Chantilly cream and custard both enriched with chocolate drops.

The card with the name and a small cameo.

The rose and the flowers in gum paste. oh yes, for the first time I tried the pasta for flowers and I liked it so much. you can spread very thin and give a whole other effect to the petals)

The final result I liked it so much and above all the basket the more I see it the more I like it :)

Roses in MMF - Recipes

To remedy the problem I thought of making carrot cupcakes: with vegetables, without butter or creams, so certainly appreciated. The decoration would have been nice: on the net I saw a photo of beautiful cupcakes with roses, which I wanted to get inspired by. We are in spring so the theme was perfect!

Let's see the ingredients and the procedure for about 10 cupcakes:

- 200 gr carrots
- 2 medium eggs
- 150 gr sugar
- 80 gr peanut oil or rice oil
- 150 gr OO flour
- 2 teaspoons of baking powder
- a pinch of salt

Chop the carrots in the mixer. Whip eggs and sugar until you reach a frothy mixture, then (I do it by hand, always mixing with a whisk from the bottom up) add the oil, the flour sifted with the yeast, and the salt. Once everything is well blended, add the carrots and pour into the cups.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 & # 176 for 20 minutes.

Here are some cupcakes once cooked and allowed to cool. We ate these naturally.


This is one of the recipes I make most often. It is the preparation of a fondant, that is a paste that can be easily worked with the hands, and can be used to completely cover the surface of a cake or to make small subjects and decorations.

The block of MMF will keep really long, for months and months.

To color the MMF we can do in different ways depending on the type of dye we have:

Once colored, the pasta can still be stored without problems. Here are all my colors!

If you need to color the paste of Red or black or of a very intense color, you have to be careful that adding a lot of dye the MMF can lose some elasticity and be more difficult to work with. In these cases I prefer to make my decorations with a neutral color, lighter than the final one. Once the decoration is finished and left to dry if necessary, I paint it with a brush with the color I want. In this way little dye is used and the color is more beautiful!

Use of the MMF
When we pick up our fondant again, it is possible that this is very hard. To soften it, just put it in the microwave for a few seconds. You have to be very careful when doing this operation as you do not have to heat the fondant too much, otherwise you risk melting it too much and even getting burned! Then, a few seconds at a time until the dough is soft but not too hot!

For the decorations we can only use our imagination and a little manual skills, there are no limits! The nice thing is that we can (indeed, it is usually better) prepare the decorations well in advance and they will keep without problems until the moment of use!

In most cases it is sufficient to polish the decorations with simple water. If they have to stay shiny for a long time, then you can use gum arabic dissolved in water.

Where to find MarshMallow candies
Finding candy isn't super easy. Here in Genoa they can be found in some DìPerDì, at IperCoop, at Lidl. Large packs can be found at Metro (where there are also large packs of powdered sugar). The white ones I used to take the photos are very rare and I got them at Lidl during an offer. )

What if you don't have a microwave?
Just melt the candies in a bain-marie, it will take a few more minutes, but the procedure is the same.

In addition to the MMF there are also other types of Fondant, all the details here!

Wednesday 15th February 2012

Cake "not 30 years"

Cake made for a person who loves bright colors and who was keen to clarify that "not" turned 30, hence the words "wishes for your not 30 years old".

Sponge cake e. by now those who follow me already know the most requested filling for my cakes: milk and nesquick for the syrup, mascarpone cream and nutella for the filling, sugar paste for the topping.

Mix the flour with the cream, sugar, limoncello, vanilla and lemon peel, until the dough is smooth and homogeneous. Form a dough, close it in the plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for half an hour. After spending time with grandma duck (or with a rolling pin if you don't have a machine), roll out a thin sheet of dough and make 5 cm diameter discs with a cookie cutter.

Engrave the outline of each disc with a knife or a notched wheel, making 4 cuts. Then prepare the roses by overlapping 2 discs and making a slight pressure on the paste in the center of the rose to make them adhere, to be safer you can wet the first disk (only the center) with a drop of water.
Heat abundant oil and fry the roses one at a time by gently pressing the center of the rose with the tail of a wooden spoon so that the chalice is formed (see photo).

It takes a few seconds and the roses will be browned and ready to drain. Place them on absorbent kitchen paper and continue in this way with the rest of the dough.

When they are all ready, fill the carnival roses with custard and half a black cherry and complete with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Perfumes from the kitchen.

November 20th is my daughter's birthday and I decided to make her a cake. In MMF. Last year I tried and screwed up. So this year I decided to do some tests :-).
Today, October 19th, is my wedding anniversary, it's been 6 years. and therefore I decided to start the rehearsals of the MMF.
I started without having my ideas too clear, I made two loaves, one white and one pink. The problem last year is that I didn't know that before using the dough I could soften it by heating it in the oven, and last year I killed myself by rolling out that hard dough like marble and, of course, it also cracked. This year I avoided the problem because I heated it and it was therefore more workable.

I made a cocoa sponge cake and wet it with milk, cocoa and sugar. The cream inside was similar to ferrero rocher (400 ml of nutella, 200 ml of whipped cooking or dessert cream, 120 gr. Of chopped hazelnuts, half a pack of hazelnut wafers. Mix the ingredients and stuff. even a drop of liqueur to taste. I made half the dose because the cake was small), boooooooooooona.
With the pink MMF I made two roses, a bow and a decoration around the cake that you can't see in the photos, but it was nice, a little rolled up strip, it looked like coriander :-).
With the white one, however, I only covered the sponge cake.
There is not much for decorations. but I did it with the child around, it was not the best of peace :-).

In short, it is soooooo perfect, there is work to be done to make it more beautiful and precise, but to be the first I am satisfied :-)
I'll do the next one in a couple of weeks, maybe I'll try some dye, here I just added a drop of red in the pink paste.

Roses in MMF - Recipes

I can hardly believe it, all this time has passed. time in which the moments to dedicate to the decoration of the desserts were almost zero. Full-time job, very crafty now on the verge of adolescence, a fantastic companion for two years, a house to manage, and it is clear that beyond a few cakes, this sugary world has inevitably been set aside. What is happening? The pandemic arrives, and with it the fixed layoffs since September. In the summer we managed to combine something (work in tourism), in a short time, but with the arrival of autumn and, unfortunately, the situation is not rosy, I am completely at a standstill. The baptism of little Tommaso was an opportunity to get "hands on ice" again with these cookies in the shape of a bear and cloud with ribbon roses. I was afraid I had lost my hand, of not being able to create a nice uniform base, of not getting the consistency of the ice right, of not making decent roses, but in the end I was satisfied with the result:

Roses in MMF - Recipes

I called this cake Fiesta because it recalls the famous pastries in its flavor and I made it for the 90th anniversary of a dear aunt

5 eggs
150 gr sugar
125 gr flour 00
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla yeast
grated orange peel

Custard made with 1/2 liter of milk
120 gr: of sugar
2 tablespoons of flour
grated orange peel
250 gr: whipped cream

170 gr of water
150 grams of fresh liquid cream
230 grams of sugar
75 gr of bitter cocoa
7 gr of gelatin in sheets

Cut the sponge cake into three layers
whip the cake into a ring
wet the first layer of sponge cake
with a dip made with orange liqueur (I used Cointreau)
water and sugar
I have not made it very liqueur I put
200 ml of water
4 teaspoons of sugar
100 ml of Cointreau
but it would be better with a little more liquor.
Spread one half of the Chantilly cream over it
put another layer of sponge cake on top
soak it well and another state of cream
close with the last layer of sponge cake
always well soaked.

Keep in the fridge for several hours
I made it in the morning and kept it until the evening.
Take back the cake, and begin to cover it with the chocolate covering made like this:
Mix well the cocoa with the sugar and put it in a saucepan over low heat with the water and the liquid cream and cook for about 10 minutes.
Allow to cool a little and add the gelatin sheets previously soaked in cold water and then squeezed, mix well to mix.
Filter the mixture through a colander, put the cake on a wire rack (oven grill is fine too) with a large plate underneath and drop the chocolate glaze obtained.
Cover it well and put it in the fridge to solidify for at least an hour
recover the chocolate poured into the plate and repeat the operation again until the sides are also completely covered
put it in the fridge again
I kept it all night.

In the meantime and as it was to serve for
a birthday I decorated it like this. with MMF roses

Video: Westerland Rose (May 2022).