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Cittrone pie

Cittrone pie

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How to prepare the pie:

Mix eggs with sugar (1 glass), add oil, yogurt, baking powder quenched with juice from the two lemons. Put the baking powder in a bowl and pour the lemon juice over it, mix. Be careful it will swell!

Add the rum essence, cut the thawed pie sheets into strips and mix everything very well.

Grease a yena bowl with a little oil (mine has a diameter of 28 cm) and pour the mixture.

Put everything in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 45 minutes until it turns brown. We take it out and let it cool while we prepare the syrup.

How to prepare the syrup:

Put the 7 tablespoons of sugar in a stainless steel bowl and mix until caramelized, without burning. Add warm water and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the diced orange peel and let it boil for another 5 minutes.

Slice the pie and gradually pour over it, the hot syrup with the pieces of orange peel. I poured only half the amount of syrup, I kept the rest in the fridge and I added a little on each portion, at the time of serving. Let the pie "pull" the syrup, and serve.

Semolina pie. Old recipe from Scheii Brașovului

The semolina cake is a traditional recipe from Scheii Brașovului. It may look different and different from the one sometimes made in the same yard or across the street. This is because the housewives put in syrups the flavors they found or preferred (vanilla and cinnamon, vanilla, rum, coffee, etc.).

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