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Pomegranate-Herb Salad Recipe

Pomegranate-Herb Salad Recipe

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Organic Spring Mix Lettuce

This bright green and red salad is inspired by the herb salad with toasted cashews served at Carmella. Plus, it utilizes the best trick I learned at Carmella: de-seeding pomegranates in a snap. And don't worry if you have uneven or whole leaves; that's part of this salad's charm.

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  • 2 pomegranates
  • 2 bunches parsley (about 6 cups of leaves)
  • 1 bunch cilantro (about 2 cups of leaves)
  • ½ bunch mint (about 1-1 ½ cups of leaves)
  • 4 cups baby arugula leaves
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ cup plus 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


Slice the pomegranates in half lengthwise. Make 5-6 incisions at a 20-degree angle into the base of each half. Over a bowl, place the pomegranate half seed-side down into your palm and whack the top of the fruit with a spoon. Repeat until there are no more seeds left in the fruit. Remove any yellow pith that might have fallen out along with the seeds. Place the seeds into a large salad bowl.

Cut the parsley, cilantro, and mint: Leaving the herbs tied in bunches and using a sharp knife, thinly slice the herbs starting at the top of the bunch. Once you reach mostly stems, discard the bunch. Add the herbs to the bowl.

Take the arugula and form it into a ball. Using the same single slicing motion, cut the arugula into small pieces. Add to the salad bowl along with the salt, olive oil, and lemon juice. Combine well and serve immediately.

Pomegranate-Herb Salad Recipe - Recipes

  • 1 orange
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 beetroot
  • 400g tin of green lentils
  • 250g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 spring onion
  • 35g cashews
  • A handful of flat leaf parsley
  • A handful of mint, leaves only
  • 1 pomegranate

Zest and juice the orange into a large bowl. Peel and grate the garlic clove into the bowl too and whisk in 2 tbsp olive oil. Add a good pinch of salt and pepper.

Trim and peel the beetroot. Coarsely grate it and add it to the bowl with the orange dressing. Drain and rinse the lentils, shaking as much excess water off as possible. Tip them into the bowl with the beetroot.

Quarter the cherry tomatoes and add to the bowl. Trim and thinly slice the spring onion and add too. Don’t mix the veg together just yet. Set aside.

Place a frying pan on a medium heat for 2 mins and toss in the cashews. Toast for 2-3 mins, shaking the pan regularly till they are lightly coloured. Tip onto a chopping board to cool, roughly chop, and add to the salad bowl.

Finely chop the parsley stalks and roughly chop the leaves. Finely chop the mint leaves. Place on top of the other ingredients.

Halve the pomegranate and place a half, cut-side down in the palm of your hand. Hold it over the salad bowl and hit it with a wooden spoon. The seeds should fall through your fingers. Repeat with the other half. Pick out any white pith.

Gently toss everything together then taste the salad, adding more salt or pepper if you think necessary. Serve straight away.

Parmesan-Crusted Snapper Fillet with Pomegranate Herb Salad

Always look for fish that has good colour and looks fresh. My best piece of advice is to never buy fish on a Monday – it was probably caught before the Thursday of the previous week. Ask your fishmonger what is good – believe it or not, fish has seasons too. Whatever fish you buy, treat it with care as it has a very fine and delicate structure. If you are lucky enough to have some in the larder, try cooking this in duck fat – you will be pleasantly surprised by the flavour.


  • 4 pan-sized snapper fillets, skin on
  • 2 eggs
  • sea salt
  • cracked white pepper
  • 100ml white wine vinegar
  • 250g grated Parmesan
  • 1 large fennel bulb
  • iced water for crisping
  • 1 large pomegranate
  • 100ml olive oil
  • small handful chives
  • small handful mint
  • small handful flat-leaf parsley
  • canola oil, or duck fat if using


Clean the snapper of any scales and spine bones. Whisk the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Dip the fish into the white wine vinegar then into the seasoned egg wash. Coat in the grated Parmesan. Repeat the process so the fillets are double coated in Parmesan.

Top and tail the fennel bulb and slice thinly using a mandoline. Place in iced water and leave for 10 minutes (this helps the fennel stay crisp). Seed the pomegranate and squeeze all the juice from the shell over the seeds. Add the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Drain the iced water from the fennel and pat dry. Toss with the pomegranate and add the herbs.

Heat a heavy-based frying pan the same size as the fish to high and drizzle with canola oil, or duck fat if using.

Place 2 fillets in the pan, flesh side down, and cook for at least 3 minutes, until the Parmesan starts to go golden brown. If the fish is stuck, cook for a further minute or so until it starts to lift from the pan. (Trying to force the fish from the pan will only break it.) Turn the fish and cook for a further 2 minutes. Remove from the pan and cook the other 2 fillets in the same way.

To serve, place some salad in the centre of each plate. Top each with a piece of snapper and drizzle with the remaining salad juices.

Keith Stewart’s wine recommendation

Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Riesling 2008
Smells sensational, with jewel-like aromas of citrus (mandarine and lime) a hint of honey and some delicious, crisp, bright flavours to match.

Villa Maria Marlborough Dry Riesling 2010
Too young really, but has some scintillating aromas to match tart up the fish, and enough piercing flavour to keep it company. Amazing wine at this price. Even better this time in 2012.

Turn them into a wholesome meal or partner them up as a side, here are our 11 best salad recipes that we think are a must try.

1. Panzenella

Panzenella is a Tuscan bread salad, ideal for the summer months. It does not follow a particular recipe but the two ingredients that do not change are tomatoes and bread. This salad is great with a chilled glass of Prosecco and lots of sunshine!

2.Watermelon, Olive and Feta Salad

The perfect summer salad of melon, olives and feta cheese with toasted pumpkin seeds.

Use this summer special fruit to its best!

3.Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing

Why buy salad dressings that are full of preservatives, when you can easily make them at home! A quick carrot salad with a freshly made black grape dressing.

This is as delicious as it is healthy! A perfect winter veggie salad.

4. BBQ Potato Salad

The good old potato salad with a twist! This one has a cola flavored BBQ sauce as a dressing ingredient. Yes, you're right! A splash of your favorite soft drink is the highlight of the dressing sauce.

A potato salad with a splash of cola flavour.

5.Thai Soyabean In Cabbage Cups

If your watching your weight, this low fat salad recipe is your perfect companion! A mash up of soy granules and oriental flavours, served in cabbage cups.

Thai soya bean salad with bean sprouts, chillies, the crunchiness of vegetables and the zing of lemon juice.

6. Chilled Indian Udon Noodle Salad

Cool yourself down with this chilled noodle salad. Give it a desi twist by throwing in curry leaves, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, coriander and turmeric.

A chilled salad of udon noodles with an Indian twist

7. Asian Sesame Chicken

A healthy soul's delight! Make yourself a simple, speedy and satisfying meal by creating a salad of chicken strips, greens, almonds, sesame seeds and asparagus. Dress it up with some soya sauce, vinegar and chilly oil.

This Asian salad is the perfect binge for a combination of taste and nutrition.

8.Cucumber, Black Olive and Mint Salad

A chunky salad of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppery mint leaves drizzled with a black olive sauce.

9. Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce

A terribly easy, Italian salad recipe. Juicy tomatoes and thick chunks of mozzarella cheese topped with some pesto sauce.

Topped with the freshness of basil, this salad is a perfect accompaniment at a dinner table.

10. Caesar Salad

This classic Caesar salad is not just easy to make but the perfect mix of cream and crunch.

11. Vegetable Som Tam Salad

Beans, cherry tomato, garlic, peanuts and raw papaya mixed well with som tam dressing and served fresh. Minimal time and ingredients tossed into one delicious salad to relish during the day.


Let Nigella provide you with some inspiration for delicious Salad recipes.

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What You’ll Need To Make My Big Italian Salad

I suggest buying pre-washed romaine hearts so you don’t have to bother rinsing the leaves. If you buy a full head of romaine, be sure to dry the leaves completely after rinsing, otherwise the wet leaves will turn the dressing watery. I’m a big fan of salad spinners for this task, but if you don’t have one, a clean kitchen towel or paper towels both work well.

As for the veggies and cheese, I love a colorful mix of bell peppers, grape tomatoes, carrot ribbons, olives, cucumbers and a salty, tangy cheese such as ricotta salata or — if I’m in a Greek mood — feta. But feel free to improvise with whatever vegetables and cheese that you like.


A beautiful composition, but all of my guests stated that the salad was too "muddy" -- too much going on. I made it again but simply placed the salad (without the lamb) next to a couple of grilled lamb chops. This was a winner. The salsa was a perfect tie for the salad and the chops.

Loved this recipe. I did a greek yogurt marinade on the lamb and tried high end EVOO and lime for the dressing. Delicious!

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37 Delicious Healthy Salads That Are Fresh and Filling

Reboot your lunch routine with these healthy salads that offer all the nutritional benefits of heaps of greens (reds and oranges, too), yet are satisfying and truly delicious. No matter which types of salads you crave, make sure to start with a healthy salad dressing, preferably one that&rsquos homemade (psst, check out our vegan salad dressings). From there, your choices abound: Looking for vegetarian recipes? Want to make an (easy) weeknight dinner for the whole family? Planning on using your salad as a side dish to supplement your favorite seared pork recipes or even store-bought rotisserie chicken? We got you.

So what are the healthiest salads? You can choose a wide variety of veggies &mdash the more colorful the better &mdash to help ensure that you get an array of nutrients, and look for ones that are high in fiber, which will keep you feeling satisfied. Use creamy dressings sparingly, and make judicious use of cheese: pick more flavorful types, like feta or parm, that will pack a punch even with small amounts. Instead of croutons, try a handful of sunflower seeds or pepitas. Herbs are perfect for adding flavor without any fat, just make sure to give 'em a wash and dry (it's easy with a pick from our best salad spinners), especially if they're a little sandy.

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45 Best Summer Salads That Fit Perfectly at Any Barbecue

Bring any one of these, and you'll be taking home an empty plate.

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That's where these delicious summer salads come in. We've rounded up some of the best salads that incorporate flavors of the season, from heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn to juicy peaches, spicy radishes, crispy cukes and more. Whether you're going to a big church picnic or taking a weeknight family dinner outdoors, these ideas are perfect for any occasion.

If you're looking for some dinner salad ideas that will leave you feeling satisfied and full, look to the grilled chicken mango salad, pesto chicken Caprese salad, or the cucumber-salmon panzanella for dishes that are protein-packed. Or, if you need something light to have on the side of a bounteous summer feast, try the grilled Caesar salad or the charred corn salad. If you've been trying to add more healthy dinner ideas into your weekly meal routine, include these salads as part of your dinner repertoire for simple 30-minute meals that are good for you.

Go ahead and celebrate the season of iced tea, alfresco dining, and fresh produce from backyard gardens with these flavorful summer salads that will become your new favorite summer dinner ideas.

Grilled onion salad with pomegranate and sumac

Yasmin Khan’s grilled onion salad with pomegranate and sumac.

This zippy salad is an essential accompaniment to grilled meats at the Turkish restaurants where I live. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I order the kebabs just to get a side of this. You can cook the onions on a barbecue or on a griddle pan. In Hackney, this recipe is made with şalgam suyu, a fermented carrot and turnip juice, which you can find in any Turkish grocery store or online. If that proves a bit hard to track down, use a couple of spoons of sour and salty gherkin pickle juice instead. This may seem like a lot of dressing initially, but fear not, you’ll definitely want to mop it up with flatbread, and I’ve been known to drink it straight from a spoon. To get the sweet and sourness you’re after here, tinker a bit and add more sour if you want.

Prep 15 min
Cook 15 min
Serves 4-6

3 medium white onions, peeled and cut into 6 wedges (450g net)
Extra-virgin olive oil
3 tbsp pomegranate molasses, or to taste
3 tbsp şalgam suyujuice, or gherkin juice, or any other pickle juice, to taste
1 tsp pul biber(Aleppo pepper)
2 tsp sumac
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp lime juice, or to taste
1 handful
parsley leaves, finely chopped
1 handful mint leaves, finely chopped
Salt and black pepper

Toss the onion wedges in a little olive oil and half a teaspoon of salt. If you are cooking over a barbecue, thread them on to skewers and grill for about 10 minutes, turning every few minutes, until soft and charred alternatively, heat a griddle pan until very hot, then grill on both sides and on their backs until cooked through – they may take a little longer on the hob, 12-15 minutes, depending on your pan. Transfer the cooked onions to a bowl and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Make the dressing by whisking the pomegranate molasses, pickle juice, pul biber, sumac, measured water, lime juice, two tablespoons of olive oil, half a teaspoon of salt and a generous grind of black pepper, then pour over the onions, add the herbs and toss to coat.

Adjust the seasoning to taste, adding a touch more salt, pomegranate molasses, lime juice or pickle juice as necessary. The salad will sit happily for a few hours, or serve it straight away.